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Down onto the entryway. 22nd August.

Upstairs. 22nd August.

Vital measurements. 29th August.

The courtyard. 29th August.

Beginning on the bathroom. 5th September.

Bedroom. 5th September.

Entryway. 5th September.

Taking a break. 5th September.

Not much of a garden yet. 12th September.

Office. 12th September.

The power goes on! 12th September.

Living room. 19th September.

Entryway. 19th September.

Bedroom. 19th September.

New (fake) chimney. 19th September.

Front wall. 19th September.

Kitchen in progress. 26th September.

The fridge arrives. 26th September.

The last window goes in. 26th September.

Landing. 26th September.