This is a Greek dance, although versions of it appear all over the Balkans


The music is in an even 4/4 rhythm. It can be thought of as quick-quick-slow-slow or three quick steps followed by a bounce, then one quick step and another bounce.


The dance is done in a circle, arms in a W hold. Start off facing right of centre.

Take three steps forward, starting with the right, moving to the right and slightly inwards. Bounce on the right foot.

Turn to face centre and take one step back with the left, then bounce on the left foot.


Take three steps forward, moving to the right of centre, then bounce on the right foot. Take another step forward with the left, then bounce on the left foot.

Turn to face left of centre then do the sequence in reverse - three steps back, bounce, one step back, bounce.

The final bounce going inwards can be replaced with a stamp as the music gets more animated.

The variation is called by the leader, and usually occurs when there is no singing.


Zonaradiko from Čirikli by Xenos.

Koka Me Mama Rodila from Folk Music From Bulgaria by Kortelev/Stoykov.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - May 2006