I thought I was done with arpeggiator tracks (for a while at least) but this was too good not to use. My usual washes of texture around it but I managed to keep it a bit edgy, maybe a little too fizzy in the mix.
Waldorf Blofeld.

Nerve runner
And another arpeggiator track, this one a bit more trancelike. Strangely compulsive. I liked the clipping/distorting of the sequence in the high frequencies, added to the 'almost out of control' driving feel.
Waldorf Blofeld.

Lonely Street
A gentle little tune - my first using both the Blofeld and the Volcas. There were some strange glitches during recording, most notably in the drums, that I haven't sorted out yet. But overall it works quite nicely.
Volca FM, Volca Sample, Waldorf Blofeld.

An unusual key (& mode) for me but the result was surprisingly bland - definitely some very easy listening. Some nice transitions, especially in the middle eight.
Volca Smaple, Bass, Keys &FM, Waldorf Blofeld.

Kicking in
This started off very harsh & noisy but progressively softened as the layers of texture were piled on. I kept it deliberately unfocussed which gave it a nice, drifting feel as bits come in & out.
Volca Smaple, Keys &FM, Waldorf Blofeld.

A gentle little piece, based around an arpeggiator 'sequence'. I kept the tones very muted & understated and let the textures flow over them, which gave a very pleasing result. The middle eight doesn't really fit - maybe I'll end up using it on its own later.
Waldorf Blofeld.

The salvaged remains of a discarded track, I rebuilt the piece from the busy 'sequencer' and a couple of chord washes after throwing away most of the rhythmic elements. A curious contrast of fast & slow parts with some odd changes resulting from the restart.
Waldorf Blofeld.

Exercise four
An experiment that didn't quite come off - I wanted to combine a old-style drum machine sound with an uneven rhythm and some unusual chord changes but I couldn't get it to come together. A bit thin and repetitive but the middle eight has some nice chord changes.
Waldorf Blofeld, Volca FM & Sample.

A quick study based around one of the guitar lines from Lifeline, a track from many years ago. Rough & ready but I liked the dreamy, psychedelic tones and filter sweeps.
Waldorf Blofeld.