A collection of tracks recorded with a Waldorf Blofeld synthesizer as I explored its functions & capabilities.
June - July 2017

Son of Stavro
I'd never used an arpeggiator before and in the absence of a sequencer I resorted to it as a dynamically adjustable sequencer substitute - lots of fun! After laying down the bouncy main line the rest was adding texture as I browsed through the presets.

Another arpeggiator piece, with a slower tempo. It ended up with a bit too much fizzy treble but I was pleased with the chord sequence.

A nice driving piece with some traces of melody alongside the arpeggiator and texture washes. Some early decisions led me into unexpected areas but the end result came out pretty well.

November snow
A short exercise in development and texture. Some of the later tones were sharper than I intended but it still works well, maybe as a preparation for something longer and more structured.

I liked the contrast between the bubbly 'sequencer' line (yes, it was the arpeggiator again) and the washes of the arrangement. Some early decisions made it tricky to complete the piece and I suspect I'll need more preparation in future compositions like this.

A quick exercise based around a driving arpeggiator line. The mix sounded much better when I was recording through headphones - I think I need to review my sound setup. Lots of strings which wasn't my original intention. But a fun little piece.

Another tonal exercise, adding textures around a simple repeating chord sequence. I liked the contrast between the smooth sounds and the distorted, heavily modulated ones.

A bit of fun - a simple pop tune of no consequence. Had to do the drums manually on the keyboard, hence the occasional wobble.

Started off with a very bubbly arpeggiator track but as the arrangement built it became progressively more melancholy, which was a bit of a surprise. Very 'fizzy' mix and a fairly uninspired middle eight but quite a nice little tune. And again no drums!

An odd central pattern - I couldn't get it to quite do what I wanted - but some fun swoops & whooshes with tons of echo on everything.

Another exercise in combining a driving arpeggiator sequence with lots of texture & washes.

I thought I was done with arpeggiator tracks for a while but I found this odd pattern and felt I had to use it. Some fairly conventional accompaniment and an uninspired top line but it hangs together rather well.

Exercise 3
An experiment in spontaneous arrangement - after recording the two repeating patterns a few times through I improvised additional tracks to fill it out. Not totally successful but it gave me some ideas for the future.