A Macedonian dance from the Edessa region, also known as Trite Pati, Zavlitsiena, and Mashko/Mushko. I learnt this dance from Michael Karamitsos in 2006.


The dance is in a slow 7/8, split into 3-4 and usually danced as one fast step followed by three slow ones.


The dance is traditionally done in a shoulder hold, but I prefer using a W hold. Start in a line, leader on the right, facing centre.

Lift the right foot (fast), then step to the side with the right (slow). Step across in front with the left (slow), then replace the right (slow).

Repeat this sequence with the oposite feet.

Lift the right foot (fast), step to the side with the right (fast), cross behind with the left (fast). Step to the side with the right (slow), then step across in front with the left (slow).

The dance begins at the start of any musical phrase. This may be tricky to spot, I listen for the descending scale - the first lift comes on the second note.


Zavlečena (Trite Pati) from Florinalia by Xenos.

Zavlitsena from Balkan Brass Music by Xpisodaktila Orxhstra.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - August2006