Sta Tria


A simple Greek dance.


The dance is in 4/4 rhythm, mostly with a step every 2 beats but with a couple of quick (1 beat) steps.


Start in a line with arms in a W hold, facing right.

Step forward with the right, then with the left (both slow).

Turning to face centre step to the side with the right (slow), cross in front with the left (quick), and replace the right (quick). Repeat this to the left.

Step to the side with the right, then close with the left (both slow).


The two 'cross-replace' steps can be replaced with slow lifts.

The final two steps can be replaced with tucking the right ankle behind the left knee (and optionally leaning back), then closing the right beside the left with no weight.


Kodoula Lemonia from Dimotiki Anthologia by Stelios Bellos

Sta Tria Medley from Exit Visa by Pangeo

Dance description by Andy Bettis - August 2007