Skopski Čoček


This dance is a Rom version of a Macedonian dance (or at least it seems like that to me). It is also known as Romski Gajde.


Even 4/4 rhythm.


Start in a line, arms in a W hold, facing right.

Take three steps forward, starting with the right.

Take three steps forward in quick-quick-slow rhythm, starting with the left. On the first step tuck the left foot on the outside of the right, but all other steps are straight forward.

Take another three steps forward, again in quick-quick-slow rhythm, starting with the right.

Turn to face centre and lift the left foot across in front.

Step to the side with the left foot, then cross in front with the right.

Step to the side with the left, then lift the right across in front. Repeat this to the right, then again to the left.


Any or all of the last three lifts can be replaced with a quick cross in front and replace.


(This is just a sample selection from the songs I use for this dance)

Linsey's Čoček, Romanela from Fire in the Feet by Xenos

Dance description by Andy Bettis 11/2002