Romanian Hora


A circle dance from Romania.


The dance is in an even 4/4 rhythm, with a step or touch on every beat.


Start in a circle in a W hold, facing centre.

First Part

Starting with the right foot take three steps forward, then touch the left beside the right. Step back with the left foot, then touch the right beside it. Then step forward with the right foot, and touch the left beside it.

Do all of this in reverse - three steps back, one forward, one back, staring with the left.

Do the first part twice.

Second Part

Facing right take three steps forward, facing centre on the third step. Touch the left slightly in front. Step to the side with the left foot, and touch the right slightly in front.

Do this again.

Repeat this again, but this time just do the three steps and the first touch.

Repeat all of this to the left, starting with the left foot.

The introduction is twice as long as you expect!


Romanian Clublife by Global Fusion from Gypsy Garden (compilation).

Hora De La Goicea from Balkanica by Orientexpressen.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - November 2009