This is a Rom dance from Macedonia, which I learnt from Laura Shannon.


The dance rhythm is 7/8 which in this dance is split into 3-4 so the second of each pair of steps is longer than the first. LISTEN TO THE DRUM!


Start in a circle, arms in a W hold, facing right.

Lift the right foot, then step forward on it, lift the left, then step forward on it. Turning to face centre lift the right foot, then step to the side, cross in front with the left, then replace the right. Repeat the facing centre part with reversed feet, starting with lifting the left.

Once you have found the rhythm start at the beginning of any musical phrase.


Rajko from Macedonia Dances by Marem Aliev

Rajko from Florinalia by Xenos

Rajkos from Dances Of Macedonia And The Balkans by Adam Good

Rajko from Rising of the Green Forest by Kostas Novakis

Dance description by Andy Bettis - February 2003