These steps are based on a traditional Armenian dance called Mayroumeh, Gagik Mehitarian adapted it to fit this piece of music in 1999.


The music is in 4/4.

The dance starts with the singing.


The dance is done in an open circle.

First Part

Face right, with the right hand in the small of the back and the left hand holding the hand in front. Take four steps forward, starting with the right, allowing the hips to sway to the side of the stepping foot.

Turn to face centre and step to the side with the right, with the arms moving forward and down.

Lift the left foot behind the right, with arms in a V hold.

Step to the side with the left foot, bringing the arms forward and up.

Cross the right foot across and in front of the left, with the toe touching the ground. Arms reach a W hold.

Do the facing centre steps twice.

Step to the side with the right and sway to the right, with the motion starting at the hips and working upwards. Then sway left, right, and left again.

Repeat the first part until the music changes (between 'Seto' and 'Otana'). Listen to the music until you can spot this change easily, the string instrument plays a short phrase eight times, after which the singing for 'Otana' starts.

Middle Part

Take eight swaying steps forward. This is done just once in the middle of the dance.

Second Part

This is similar to the first part, but there are eight swaying steps forward, the facing centre steps are only done once, and you end with the four sways. Remember to do eight swaying steps again after the middle part!

The second part is repeated until the end of the music. During this part the leader can spiral in to the centre.


Balantin - Seto - Otana from Tears of Dignity by Arto Tunçboyaciyan and Ara Dinkjian.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 4/2003