Mori Čupi Kosturčanki


A Macedonian women's dance, I learnt it from Steve Kotansky in 2004.


The music is in 7/8 time, danced as 3-2-2 (slow, quick, quick) or 3-4 (slow, slower)


Start in a line with arms in a W hold, facing right.

Step across in front with the left, touch the right beside the left with a little bounce and facing more towards the centre, then step to the side with the right (slow, quick, quick). Do this three times.

Touch the left towards the centre and slightly across, then step back diagonally to the left (slow, slower).

Step to the side with the right, then cross in front with the left (slow, slower).

Lift the right beside the standing leg, the step to the side with the right (slow, slower).


Mori Čupi Kosturčanki from Findhorn 2004 produced by Steve Kotansky. There is a short introduction, the dance starts with the singing.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 3/2005