This is an Armenian dance ('Harsaneek' means 'wedding dance' or 'wedding reception'). I learnt this version from Laura Shannon.


The music is in 6/4 but all the steps are slow and even.

There is a long introduction, wait until the rhythmic part starts and then start at the b eginning of a musical phrase.


The dance is done in a circle or open circle, arms in a W hold. You can hold little fingers with more experienced dancers.

Facing right, step forward with the right, then the left. Turning to face centre, step to the side with the right foot, then touch the left beside the right.
Step forward with the left and gently extend the arms forward. Point in front with the right and lower the arms to about 45 degrees, keeping them straight. Step back with the right and slowly raise the arms back to W, then step back with the left and turn to face right, to begin the sequence again.


You can do this dance holding candles, in which case the candle is in the right hand and a little finger hold is used. The arm movements need to be slow and smooth, to avoid dripping wax on the floor (and the hands!).


Vratzagan Bar from Chickpeas - original motion picture soundtrack.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 4/2003