A Greek dance from the island of Rhodes. I learnt this dance from George and Georgia Lazarou in 2003.


The music has an even, 2/2 rhythm with a step on every beat.


Start in a line with a basketweave hold (left arm on top).

Step forward and slightly to the right with the right foot. Move the left foot slightly to the right and rock back onto it.

When the leader signals a change (by whistling or with an 'opa!') move to the left rather than the right. Cointinue until the leader signals again, then go back to moving to the right. The foot positions do not change, it's always the right in front.


Gaitani (Rodos) from Sites and Sounds of Greece: Rhodes, Kos by Nitsa Kourtidou.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - November 2003