This is a Pontic Greek dance. This refers to ethnic Greeks who used to live in Northern Turkey on or near the Black Sea coast. In 1922 most of them were deported to Greece, as ethnic Turks in Greece were deported to Turkey. I cannot remember who I originally learnt the dance from.


The music has an even, 4/4 rhythm and there is a step on each beat.


Start in a circle, arms in a V hold, facing to the right.

Step forward with the right foot, then with the left.

Turn to face centre and step to the side with the right foot, then point the left foot in front.

Turn to face left and step forward with the left foot, then stamp the right beside the left. The stamp 'bounces' back from the ground, leaving the right foot free to start the sequence again.


Zajko Kokorajko and Orfano from Fire in the Feet by Xenos.


Making the changes of direction sharp really helps this dance - two steps facing right, two facing centre and two facing left.

The Pontic style is very bouncy but always right on the beat, a way to approximate this is to add a bounce between each step. This movement can be thought of as 'pumping' energy up from the earth.

Another way of looking at the stamp is to think of hitting two stones together to produce a spark - the stamp triggers and releases energy from the earth.

Dance description by Andy Bettis 11/2002