Dobro Ljo


A dance from the Thrace region of Bulgaria. It's a variation of the dance Pravo Trakijsko Horo.
I learned this dance from Yves Moreau in 2011.


The music is in a straight 4/4 rhythm.


Start in a line in a V or belt hold, facing centre.

First part (with singing)

Step to the side with the right, cross behind with the left, step to the side with the right, lift the left in front. Repeat this to the left with opposite feet.
Step forward with the right, close the left behind it, step forward with the right, then lift the left while bringing it forward.
Touch forward with the left, then drop onto it while bending the knee slightly and bringing the right foot up behind the left knee.
Step back with the right, then with the left.
Step back with the right, then bounce on the right. Repeat with the left.

Do the first part twice.

Second part (instrumental)

Take four steps forward, starting with the right. Let the knees twist out in the direction of the stepping foot.
Step slightly to the side with the right while twisting to the right, then quickly close with the left and replace the right.
Step to the side with the left, then stamp with the right beside the left.
Take four steps back, starting with the right.
Repeat the sequence done in the middle - the twisting 1-2-3 and the stamp.

Do the second part twice.

There is an instrumental introduction, the dance starts with the singing.


Dobro Ljo from a workshop CD produced by Yves Moreau.

Dance description by Andy Bettis - July 2011