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Welcome to my little island in the online world. Relax, kick off your shoes & have a look around.

It's not quite the last entry in the saga of my new home but I'm bringing the story of the actual building project to a close. There'll be some observations of the overall process & my personal insights coming soon.

I've reorganised and expanded my Music section with more pictures and a potted history of my musical adventures. Enjoy!

Speak it softly but it feels like things are coming to a conclusion in the saga of my new home!

It's not often I go up to London for an event anymore but in late February I made the long trek into Town to see 'synth supergroup' Node play at the Royal College of Music. A great evening of analogue sounds, shifting sonic textures, pulsing sequencers and, of course, lots of little flashing lights.

After the concert I started thinking back over my own history of electronic music and ended up writing about my own personal Search for the sound.

I started 2015 with a winter holiday on La Palma in the Canary islands. See what I got up to in my Postcards from La Palma

Life in a small town can be delightfully quirky - the town bridge was closed for about four minutes to allow the Shrove Tuesday pancake race to be run over it.
Zippy (in the yellow suit) was the clear winner this year.

I played another gig with the Rhythm Methodists in February, back in St Margarets Hall which is barely two minutes walk from my front door. Just as well as I was worn out from 13 hours travelling back from La Palma the night before and felt like I'd picked up a bug on my travels which left me even lower below par. Still, with the help of my amazing bandmates we put on another performance that had the dance floor packed & bouncing.
(Gig pix to follow.)

Progress has been slow at my new home in the new year but things are still creeping forward.

I'll be returning to Taroudant in southern Morocco to teach at another dance holiday, the dates are 12th - 19th of January 2016. There are more details here and on my workshops page.

The march of time:
When my new trainers arrived I realised that there was a new model number each time I got around to buying a new pair (those ones in the middle are 623's).

As the new year dawns I've looked back at 2014 and written my regular review of my year. It's been quite a big one!

Looking back at the year I've decided to retrospectively send some Postcards from Madeira.

I'm back from a week-long trip to Taroudant, southern Morocco, where I taught a Circle Dance workshop and enjoyed an African holiday in the sun (mostly). While I was too busy to write a blog I did manage to pen some Postcards from Morocco.

After writing about my Moroccan holiday I was inspired to go back to my previous visit and belatedly write some more Postcards.

While packing for my forthcoming house move I found an old recording from the mid-2000's, a demo of one of the long, drifting pieces I was composing & performing at that time. Listening to it again brought back a host of memories from what was a period of huge upheaval for me, you can read about how these compositions helped me go through it in Soundscapes of Isolation.