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Welcome to my little island in the online world. Relax, kick off your shoes & have a look around.

I continue to explore the creative possibilities of my new synthesizers with Yet another month with the Volcas.

It seems that I've passed the probationary period at my new job as I now appear on the 'about us' page of the company website. Yay!

As a Christmas present to myself at the end of 2015 I bought three small synthesizers to rekindle my interest in composing & playing electronic music. One month later I wrote about the process in A month with the Volcas.

Another month with the Volcas continues the story of my musical exploration.

In January I returned to Taroudant in southern Morocco to teach a dance workshop there. And to have a winter holiday. You can read about my trip and see some pictures here.

The list of dances & music from my workshop in Taroudant can be found here.

As the new year dawns I've looked back at 2015 and written my regular review of my year.

As promised (to myself) I'm making music with my new little Volca synthesizers. I'll be posting the results to my Volca tunes page.

Over the years my relationship with popular music (in the broadest sense) has been fairly intense and although we've been through some rough patches we're getting on much better now. Read about the evolution of My personal radio station.

Every year my sisters & I take our mother out for a birthday treat. See what we got up to for Vi's birthday tea 2015.

After one too many science fiction dramas with a stupid & obnoxious hero I was driven to pen a short rant about the phenomenon of an idiot touched by god.

I spend a lot of time (maybe too much) in front of the TV watching films & TV shows on DVD or BluRay disks, having stopped using broadcast television over ten years ago. Here are some of my favourite films and favourite TV shows.

On a trip up to London to see my sister I managed to find a countryside walk across London.

In an effort to bring my sadly atrophied writing skills back to life I'm trying to spend more time at the keyboard. My first result is a brief retelling of footwear & shopping - The saga of the yellow boots.

Wiltshire is landlocked. I wonder how this street in Trowbridge got its name?

Answer - apparently 'Bythesea' is an old surname that dates from when they were used to indicate where someone's family came from, in the same way that town names were used (e.g. Julie London, Burt Lancaster, etc.).

While packing for my forthcoming house move I found an old recording from the mid-2000's, a demo of one of the long, drifting pieces I was composing & performing at that time. Listening to it again brought back a host of memories from what was a period of huge upheaval for me, you can read about how these compositions helped me go through it in Soundscapes of Isolation.