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My look back at 2014 can be seen here.

The dances from my week in Morocco can be found here.

My blog about my new home can be read starting here, the most recent update is here.

The dances from my workshop in Henley are listed here.

Progress has been slow at my new home in the new year but things are still creeping forward.

I'll be returning to Taroudant in southern Morocco to teach at another dance holiday, the dates are 12th - 19th of January 2016. There are more details here and on my workshops page.

The march of time:

When my new trainers arrived I realised that there was a new model number each time I got around to buying a new pair (those ones in the middle are 623's).

As the new year dawns I've looked back at 2014 and written my regular review of my year. It's been quite a big one!

Christmas has arrived at my new home, along with new furniture and a dash of colour!

Looking back at the year I've decided to retrospectively send some Postcards from Madeira.

After writing about my Moroccan holiday I was inspired to go back to my previous visit and belatedly write some more Postcards.

I'm back from a week-long trip to Taroudant, southern Morocco, where I taught a Circle Dance workshop and enjoyed an African holiday in the sun (mostly). While I was too busy to write a blog I did manage to pen some Postcards from Morocco.

The Rhythm Methodists had another gig in late November - a convenient one for me as the venue was about two minutes walk from my new home. We tore through our set in record time and kept the audience dancing throughout.

While packing for my forthcoming house move I found an old recording from the mid-2000's, a demo of one of the long, drifting pieces I was composing & performing at that time. Listening to it again brought back a host of memories from what was a period of huge upheaval for me, you can read about how these compositions helped me go through it in Soundscapes of Isolation.

I've started putting some of my old music recordings online for your listening pleasure.

A cycling trip leads into secret treasures beneath the earth when I set out to Ride the Two Tunnels.

I took a seaside trip to Weymouth in August and discovered that there are things to do in Weymouth for 1.

I've reinstated my old gallery page - I'll try to get some new pictures up there soon.

Some good news and a warm feeling of benevolent largesse this week - I signed up as a supporter of Linsey Pollack's Mrs Curly and the Norwegian Pipe project and it has reached its target! Linsey is a fantastic, amazing musician & performer and a generous host (he put me up in his home on my first visit to Australia) so it feels great to be helping one of his works come to fruition.